Data as a New Asset Class

While the RAZ Network collects and manages data through blockchain solutions, $RAZ amplifies the potential of integrated impact and financial data by incentivizing:

Investors, Asset Managers and Companies

to transform their data inputs over time into digital assets through three pathways:

  • Data Utility Tokens
  • Data Security Tokens
  • NFTs – Non-Fungible Tokens

Data tokenization leads to monetization, trade and liquidity opportunities. Investors can diversify their portfolios. Companies can trade digital assets to increase access to capital and facilitate more efficient investor exits. The fungibility of RAZ datatokens allows investors to participate in the gains. NFTs facilitate outcome-driven dataset trading.

Impact and Financial Data Verifiers

to participate in the process of verifying claims through the RAZ network.

$RAZ rewards verifiers and ensures they benefit from analyzing data quickly, providing actionable insights, and affecting impact and financial outcomes as they are unfolding.

Throughout Q1 and Q2 of 2022, our team is initiating blockchain integration by:

  • Launching $RAZ to facilitate investment, referrals, incentivization and rewards for project outcomes. See our tokenomics for more details.
  • Creating automated Proof of Existence for data entered on our current platform.
    Storing project data and verification documents on decentralized servers.
  • Working with our early adopters and project owners to co-create NFTs associated with the integrated impact-financial data collected by RAZ and verified by stakeholders.
  • Launching an NFT market to deploy sales revenue to the network’s projects.
  • Enabling reputation-based voting and governance through smart contracts.RAZ DAO governance procedures will influence verification standards, calls for proposals and treasury fund allocation.
  • Integrating oracle solutions to facilitate efficient investment due diligence for Project Owners, Pods, Investors and Asset Managers across our network.

While we integrate blockchain solutions throughout our user experience design, our team will simultaneously be building RAZ as a fully decentralized network.

We aim to facilitate cross-chain interoperability so that stakeholders can utilize their RAZ reputation scores and project ranking as assets across multiple networks and platforms.

NFTs and Impact-Financial Datasets

NFTs will be issued for the purpose of trading company securities (equity, innovative financial instruments such as revenue-based loan agreements and investment contracts associated with impact-linked capital deployment tranches) that are directly backed by impact-financial datasets.

The value of RAZ NFTs will be based on investment contracts being backed by non-replicable datasets related to a company’s integrated impact and financial performance data over time.

The trade of RAZ NFTs would allow for faster, more efficient investment due diligence. Our goal is to increase the capital being deployed to companies realizing stakeholder-verified impact, particularly companies that otherwise may not have access to capital. This process is effectively creating a secondary market for impact-linked securities.