RAZ Finance

RAZ catalyzes impact for everyone

Individuals can influence economic, social, environmental and governance outcomes across the evolving RAZ network

The Past

Transparency = Centralized, Hierarchical, Reporting

The Future

Transparency = Evolutionary Stakeholder Influence

RAZ makes impact-financial data transparent across unalterable timelines

RAZ is Shaping the Future of Decentralized Impact Finance By


$RAZ is designed to increase in value based on its ability to finance initiatives that make our world a better place. Individuals engaged with our community and independent pods vote on projects to fund and support. Our collective ability to finance regenerative outcomes expands alongside the growth of our network and databank.


RAZ is an evolving impact-driven social network

Each individual project can create their own stakeholder community, reputation score standards, while customizing access and publication settings.

Our databank tracks actions and outcomes across continuously evolving impact themes:

RAZFinance.io simplifies stakeholder engagement and due diligence

Project Owners

Showcase their impact to a wide range of audiences

Obtain certification for the companies and initiatives they represent

Qualify for and access funding in the form of grants, loans and investment

Find out more and customize your own impact data dashboard

Verify and rank outcomes across products, companies, projects and initiatives

Engage with projects on an individual or group level

Earn rewards for their contributions and engagement

Shop for impact-verified products

Access stakeholder-approved support services, resources and training

Finance positive impact by donating, lending and investing

Apply to join our community

Value-Aligned Groups

Value-Aligned Groups and Decentralized Pods, Investment Fund and Asset Managers:

Find and finance verified economic, impact, ESG and regenerative opportunities

Track how capital is deployed and outcomes are realized in alignment with integrated impact-financial expectations

Launch your own Pod on our Network

Full-Circle Transparency

RAZ substantiates commitment and progress according to:

Capital allocation commitments

Stakeholder-led positive impact frameworks, themes and metrics

Environment, social and governance goals

Regenerative economic development and outcomes

Actions and results are recorded while unfolding, as a digital “time capsule”on a blockchain ledger.

Capital allocation commitments

Stakeholder-led positive impact frameworks, themes and metrics
Environment, social and governance goals
Regenerative economic development and outcomes

The RAZ Experience

Claims related to social or environmental problem-solving, ESG initiative implementation, and resulting financial performance are validated through a streamlined data management process.


Action steps towards the realization of specific initiatives that substantiate capital allocation decisions are uploaded onto the platform. Timelines, proof points and verification events are associated with a blockchain ledger.


ESG, impact, sustainability and financial data data, project action points and reports are verified by stakeholders. Each project can choose who to engage, and whether to include the RAZ community and the public.


Individuals, projects and companies earn reputation score and ranking. Qualifying criteria can be customized for individual communities and project dashboards.

Where We Aim to Be: 2022 and Beyond

RAZ becomes a fully decentralized network platform

Data sovereignty: Individuals retain full control and ownership over their data

Proof of existence is automatically created to transform action steps, proof points and verification events into a blockchain-driven “time capsule”

Data is associated with stakeholders’ digital identifiers

The RAZ process transforms economic, social, environmental and governance data into digital assets that become unalterable and transparent

RAZ launches a secondary exchange that facilitates due diligence, capital deployment and liquidity across the landscape of ESG, impact and sustainable investing opportunities

RAZ Finance

Develops Technology and Impact Management Solutions in Partnership with Roshem Impact.

Roshem Impact is a Certified B Corporation and

2021 Best for the World Honoree, ranked in the top 5% of B Corporations globally for impact on Workers