RAZx Regenerative Exchange

Our digital asset exchange connects impact-verified projects, representing people,
purpose and planet, to conscious individuals throughout the world.

RAZ facilitates stakeholder-driven impact assessments of every project that creates digital assets through our network.

The community verifies and ranks data linked to the NFT offerings on RAZx by our network and partners.
Aligned NFT holders will be able to trade on RAZx, enable data-linked liquidity, and track integrated impact-financial outcomes through our network.

Increased Investment Liquidity

By tokenizing data from the onset of investment capital being deployed to impact-driven initiatives to financial performance and returns investment due diligence timeframes become more efficient and create opportunities for liquidity events.

NFTs and datatokens

The trade of digital assets facilitates investment and liquidity backed by verified, integrated impact and financial data


Datasets that reduce risk while tracking integrated impact and financial outcomes.

Two categories of trading opportunities are being created:

  • Data trading that facilitates risk management and efficient due diligence
  • Digital asset trading that facilitates increased inflows of capital to verified impact and ESG-driven investment opportunities

Financial Disruption

The global financial sector is quickly adopting blockchain and decentralized finance technology

For corporates, asset managers and institutional investors

Engagement with the RAZ Network and Exchange can:

  • Reduce transaction cost in the financial sector
  • Decrease the risk and hesitancy associated with impact and ESG investment decisions