Our partnership with Sigma World is led by the group’s Head of Mergers and Acquisitions, Marco Ahlgren. Marco has led our initial private sale and pre-seed round, while bringing significant advisors to our network.

Ever since SiGMA started as an event-planning company, they have embraced their passion for hosting with a keen eye for innovation and higher standards.

Sigma World seeks to become the ultimate Gaming go-to company when it comes to event organization.

The company is continuously curating a news platform, driven by a strong content and media team, that highlights the developments of the industry.

The essence of Sigma World’s event-planning requires the constant consideration of the needs of their guests. They translate the same energy we invest with our customers, to managing and caring for their great team as well.

Joshua Boles, Founder of NeoFlow, is our lead advisor on the blockchain and decentralized finance elements of RAZ. Together, we are identifying opportunities for collaboration related to real-world asset (RWA) and NFT auctions that facilitate the tracking of impact-financial outcomes.

NeoFlow is an active manager of digital assets led by a global team that excels in the pursuit of generating outsized returns in the volatile asset class of crypto. Together, they have developed a management methodology to generate alpha to bitcoin across a blended set of selected strategies. This protects their investors against drawdown risk. NeoFlow’s institutional-grade model is a simplified approach for investors to gain exposure to the fastest growing asset Web3 classes in the history of the world.

NeoFlow provides 24/7 digital asset management strategies, utilizing customized passive and managed index tracker products with bespoke access to disruptive technology investments.

From staking protocols and yield farming through to dual digital investments and digital liquid swaps.

The NeoFlow team brings together advanced knowledge of the Digital Assets ecosystem from the original digital asset, Bitcoin, into the fast-growing industry of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Providing investors with full-scope digital asset strategies as family offices, institutions, governments, and UHNWIs are adding Digital Assets to their portfolio as they begin to divest from traditional investments and allocate in the digital world.

NeoFlow has team members located in Singapore, Australia, London, Switzerland, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, and the United States. NeoFlow has an executive team known for investment banking, family offices, real estate, IPOs, capital markets, and financial engineering combined with blockchain and deep tech.


Our project’s third funder, the Ocean Protocol Foundation, provided us with a grant to facilitate the tokenization of impact-financial datasets. Ocean Protocol unlocks the value of data. Data owners and consumers use the Ocean Market app to publish, discover, and consume data in a secure, privacy-preserving fashion. OCEAN holders stake liquidity to data pools.

RAZ Finance datasets can be accessed on the Ocean Market as Impact in Action PHEORC-5 and Decentralized Impact | Finance | Evolved DETORC-97

Jerusalem Green Fund

The JGF promotes environmental, social, and economic sustainability in and around Jerusalem through the support of grassroots community initiatives, working with Jerusalem's diverse communities, and reaching out to lovers of Jerusalem around the world.

Jerusalem Stakeholders, the core members of the JGF, constitute both the human and the financial capital of the organization. The Jerusalem Stakeholders foster public accountability through their financial commitment and civic engagement, both fundamental to the effort of transforming Jerusalem so that residents and visitors alike can take pride in the beauty and holiness of the city.


Bloxico Software Solutions is a startup founded in 2018 by several blockchain and fintech experts with the goal to create products that facilitate positive economic, environmental and social impact. In time, their team began working with more and more companies to transform their vision into reality via blockchain. Bloxico is an approved vendor for Cardano and actively collaborates with the IOHK team.


The ixo Protocol defines the new standard for making Verifiable Impact Claims about how people and organizations are changing the state of the world, using high-definition data as evidence.

ixo Alphabonds facilitate a highly versatile Decentralized Finance mechanism that automates market-making and dynamically adjusts parameters such as token supply and prices, in response to real-world risk signals.

The RAZ team has joined the ixo Launchpad program. We intend to connect RAZ data management solutions and integrated impact-financial outcome management with ixo’s Internet of Impact.

Supra Oracles

In 2017, the Supra Oracles team founded the Entropy Foundation with the goal of expanding the capabilities of smart contracts and oracles. Their academic mindset forms the bedrock of the organization. Supra Oracles has conducted surveys on over 190+ teams who have shared their desired criteria for the perfect Oracle directly. They’ve built Supra Oracles to exceed expectations of the typical cross-chain oracle and are proud to bring a world-class product to the table.

RAZ Finance

Stay tuned for updates and the ability to support the RAZ team through the IXO Launchpad program as we work to become an Impact Market Relayer!