Meet Our Team

Leadership and Co-Founders

Miriam Davidovic | Co-Founder - Governance, Impact Data, Blockchain and Decentralized Finance

Miriam founded Roshem Impact in 2017, a Certified B Corporation recognized as being among the“Best for the World™” in the Workers Impact category for 2021. The company provided web development, policy and governance, communications and impact management solutions to purpose-driven companies. The team created, and exclusively focused, on RAZ based on the unmet market need for stakeholder-driven, integrated, impact and financial data management. Miriam leads data management, verification, blockchain and impact-financial integration initiatives across the RAZ platform and network. Her leadership experience spans across the USA, Canada, Serbia and Israel as related to impact finance, impact measurement and management, information technology, marketing, intellectual property, purpose-driven corporate governance, due diligence, Environment, Social and Governance policy and practice.

Raphael Bitterman | Co-Founder - Strategy and Business Development

At RAZ, Raphael brings together an ecosystem of aligned, mission-driven, pioneers at the intersection of impact and finance. He manages investor relationships and partnerships with leaders across the ESG, blockchain, and DeFi, impact tech, agricultural tech, sustainable and regenerative business landscape. He is a licensed attorney in Israel with 20 years of Intellectual Property law experience. For 19 years, he worked in the diamond and jewelry space to develop market access opportunities through technology, while driving sales and operating tenders. At this time of transition to a global regenerative economy, he is focused on how emerging technologies can drive digital transformation. Through RAZ, he seeks to influence the achievement of world-changing positive outcomes that drive financial growth, decentralization and increased prosperity for all stakeholders.

Technology and Marketing

Nemanja Tomanovic | Technology Development Project Manager

Nemanja developed the RAZ Finance Network platform and our Proof of Concept at He is an expert at online community management as well as front-end development. He has worked with Roshem Impact since 2019, and has created WordPress-based websites and community platforms for impact-driven initiatives across the e-commerce, advisory and consulting, trading, and sustainable business landscape. At RAZ, he manages priorities, workflows and HR related to the expansion of our in-house team, blockchain integration, data security and while ensuring our team meets and exceeds milestones and KPIs in accordance with investor expectations.

Selena Ivanovic | Marketing and Communications

Selena has led Roshem Impact since 2020 and managed communications and marketing projects for impact-driven firms and initiatives. She led the team to B Corporation Certification and participated in developing and executing a Workers Impact Business Model that led to the company being recognized in the top 5% of B Corps globally, as part of the 2021 Best for the World list. She led the organization of the Roshem Impact Summit, an online conference that brought together prolific speakers to explore the emergence of a regenerative economy. The RAZ Finance initiative was officially launched through working groups led by conference participants, and publicized in July 2021. At RAZ, Selena manages stakeholder communications, client service and onboarding, social media, digital and video content development. Selena previously worked for the Novak Djokovic Foundation, where she managed communications strategy and fundraising.


Joshua Boles | CEO of Neo Flow Asset Management

As the CEO of Neo Flow, Joshua leads a multi-disciplinary investment management company focused on Digital Assets, Decentralized Finance, and Web 3.0 blockchain projects. The firm’s relationships and blended investment approach have led to early access to the most advanced Digital Asset protocols and next-generation technology. His career history has included being a Senior Investment Advisor, Executive Director, Chief of Staff and Business Development leader working with federal clients and the Department of Defense. He has managed a Single Family Office for 10 years, with approximately 4,000 multifamily units in five US states including a portfolio of investments across the venture capital and private equity space.

Margaret Mondlane | Environment, Social and Governance

Margaret has over 20 years experience in environmental, social, governance (ESG), and project management consulting for private, public, and international clients for a multitude of industries. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources Management from Colorado State University, a Master’s degree in Environmental Management from the University of Cape Town and a Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility from the University of Colorado and Leeds Business School.

Jan Lunde | Decentralized Development and Blockchain Technology

Jan has been a blockchain and decentralization evangelist since 2013. He has an in-depth understanding of the shortcomings of the status quo financial system.

Specialties: Business Development, Market analysis, Product Management, Strategic Planning / Business Models, Growth Strategies, Raising Capital from VCs and Angels, Product Commercialization, Broad Technical Understanding of Software and Blockchain Integration.

Saul Singer | Partnerships, Certification and Stakeholder Engagement

Saul is an experienced senior executive currently focused on corporate reputation management, impact data management and outcome certification. His background includes having worked to develop wholesale trading platforms and services in the physical commodities sector, particularly across the global diamond industry. Saul has a solid background in strategic management and financial advisory due to having worked at leading international banking and consulting firms in Australia and Israel. At RAZ, he provides insights based on his 18 years of experience in business strategy and development as well as 5 years in financial advisory and management consulting.